Eurasia-Ukraine and Eurohypo close €75.6m deal in Kyiv (UA/DE)

Eurohypo AG and Eurasia-Ukraine have announced the completion of a €75.6 million deal to refinance the acquisition of Iceberg Business Centre in Kyiv which Eurasia-Ukraine had purchased for €104 million in May 2007.

According to the loan agreement the loan period is six years, the loan to be provided by one tranche, which has been disbursed to Eurasia-Ukraine on 6 March, 2008. Andreas Madlung, Director for Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Baltic States at Eurohypo AG, said: "This is our pilot deal in Ukraine. This country is one of the most promising economies in Eastern Europe, which makes it important for our bank. We are pleased to work together with Eurasia-Ukraine which we regard as a reliable business partner."

Rysbek Toktomushev, General Director of Eurasia-Ukraine, said: "We are pleased that it was Eurasia Ukraine which Eurohypo did its first deal with in Ukraine. We would like to note outstanding performance of the bank's transaction team: Andreas Madlung, Valeria Friedburg and Tim Lassen. The credit crunch factor did not affect the deal which tells us of the bank's stability in today's instable global financial environment. We count on strategic cooperation with Eurohypo in Ukraine."

Source: Eurasia-Ukraine

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