EU green infrastructure plan due this autumn (EU)

This autumn, the European Commission intends to publish a green infrastructure plan as part of its biodiversity strategy. The commission defines green infrastructure as a network of green spaces that enhance ecosystem services. The plan, which will integrate recommendations by stakeholders and member states, promotes an integrated and sustainable approach to land use.

A report by consultancies GHK and Eco Logic published this week recommends the adoption of an EU legislative framework setting a common definition and quantifiable goals. Member states also need to be familiarized with the concept, they say. A working group, set up following consultations last March, agrees the EU could set quantifiable goals such as minimum real targets for different types of land uses. One concrete example is the set-aside rules under the common agriculture policy (CAP).

The commission's Environment department will shortly put these findings and recommendations on its website. To view the consultant's report, go to

Source: European Commission

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