Erik Eliasson named new CEO of Leimdörfer (SE)

Leimdörfer has named Erik Eliasson as its new Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Sven Dahlin.

Erik Eliasson, 33, joined Leimdörfer in 2006 and is a Senior Partner of the firm. For the last three years he has served as Deputy CEO and Head of Corporate Finance.

"It is with great enthusiasm that I take on the role of CEO of Leimdörfer. I will focus on further developing the firm's operations and strengthening our position as the most skilled advisory firm in the Nordic property market and the most sought‐after workplace in the industry," says Erik Eliasson.

"With Erik as CEO, the firm will embark on a new stage of its development. Erik has long been a very important person for the company and will do an excellent job in leading the firm," says Peter Leimdörfer, Founder and Senior Partner of Leimdörfer.

Sven Dahlin, Chief Executive Officer since 2008, has decided after 12 years at Leimdörfer to step down from day‐to‐day operations, but will remain a partner of the firm.

"It has been a truly exciting and enjoyable time for me," says Sven Dahlin. "Today, the firm is three times larger than it was when I joined. We have brought in a number of highly skilled members of our team and have opened offices in Helsinki and Malmö. I will now focus on my investments and spend more time with my family."

"We would like to thank Sven for the work he has done during his time as CEO of Leimdörfer. Sven has done an outstanding job and, with great personal commitment, he steered the company through the financial crisis and has contributed enormously to the firm since he joined us in 1999," says Peter Leimdörfer.

Source: Leimdörfer

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