Erick van Egeraat receives Italian US Award for Milanofiori North mixed-use development in Milan (IT/NL)

Erick van Egeraat has received the second prize of the 'US Award 2009 – Workplace: Quality and Innovation' in the category 'Architecture' for the office buildings in the Milanofiori North mixed-use development in Milan, Italy. The award ceremony was held last week at the headquarters of ll Sole 24 Ore in Milan, the main financial media in Italy.

Milanofiori Maurizio Bianchi photo

Milanofiori North is a mixed-use proect in Milan, honoured for the quality of the masterplan and the architectural-functional-ecological mix.

Erick van Egeraat's design for the Milanofiori Business Park was chosen from more than 100 international entries. Erick van Egeraat's project was honoured for the quality of the masterplan and the architectural-functional-ecological mix, that marks the project's innovative character as a new southern gateway to Milan.

Special attention in the design was given to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. The buildings are designed in close relationship with the environment, the utilisation and the consumption of energy sources. The facade cladding is, in order to control heat dispersion, carried out according to the latest available techniques.The technological systems feature a good energy performance and solar panels are used to produce energy.

According to the jury, "Milanofiori North aims at being a district on a human-scale, with a high environmental quality, where architecture and landscape will complement each other perfectly. Besides complying with sustainability standards as to composition, technology and materials (bio-building, solar panels), it also provides for the enhancement of the surrounding wooden areas."

This was the second consecutive year that the US Awards were awarded. The annual competition, organised by the US-Ufficio Stile Magazine, identifies excellence in the planning of working environments in Europe and at the same time promotes and spreads the culture of quality and innovation in workplaces.
Milanofiori North mixed-use development in Milan, situated alongside the A7 Motorway and developed by Brioschi Sviluppo Immobiliare spa, is one of the biggest developments in Europe. Erick van Egeraat designed the Masterplan for the Milanofiori North area in 2003.

The project consists of a self-contained entity comprising 218,000 m² and offering a variety of functions including offices, housing, commercial, retail and leisure facilities, a cinema and a hotel. Erick van Egeraat is realising several parts of the Masterplan with his own office and will supervise the execution of the entire Masterplan until its completion in 2011.

The Masterplan is being developed in two phases. Phase 1 comprises 120,000 m², including four office buildings, housing, retail, and a leisure and entertainment centre (bars, restaurants, a multiplex-cinema, hotel, fitness centre, communal functions and services). The leisure and entertainment centre is organized around a large square and forms the heart of the new area. Phase 2 is situated adjacent to Phase 1 and comprises 100,000 m², including primarily offices

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