Entrepreneurs care for education quality of prospective architects (LV)

Last week, in the office of the Latvian Association of Architects, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Riga Technical University (FAUP RTU), Uìis Bratuðkins and the Director of the RTU Development Fund Atis Pakrastiòð signed the Donation Agreement with Colliers International represented by Mihails Morozovs.

The purpose of the Agreement is to improve the quality of education and the contents of disciplines in the area of architecture. Colliers International resolves to donate to the RTU the sum of €5,000 each year for organization of open guest lectures within the FAUP RTU.

The FAUP RTU Deputy Dean in Scientific Work Sandra Treija evaluates this initiative of entrepreneurs positively: "The donation will allow students of our faculty to get acquainted with persons of eminence in architecture and urban planning, as well as will supplement issues included in study courses with world actualities. Guest lectures will be public. Such lectures will be open for attendance not only for the RTU students, but also for all interested persons."

Mihails Morozovs, Colliers International Managing Partner in the Baltic States and Belarus, adds: "This is a 'win-win' situation for all parties – Colliers International, the Latvian Association of Architects, the Riga Technical University and its students, as professionals in architecture and students will be able to obtain useful information and learn about the newest tendencies in such markets rich in good architecture as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark, but Colliers will acquire possibility to work with better skilled and experienced architects in the future. This is a logical expansion of our training programme, including regular professional seminars oriented at upgrading professional standards in the real estate market of the Baltic States. We hope that the first master class will be organized this year already".

Source: Colliers International

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