Entre Deux winner of FGH Vastgoedprijs 2008 (NL)

On November 10, the jury of the FGH Vastgoedprijs (FGH Real Estate Award) awarded the FGH Vastgoedprijs 2008 to 3W Vastgoed and Multi Development for the redevelopment of the inner-city shopping area Entre Deux in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The award ceremony and celebrations took place in the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht.

The jury of the FGH Vastgoedprijs was impressed not only with the eye for detail in the redevelopment project, but also the fact that the developer succeeded in transforming a non-profitable project into a successful shopping area with a friendly atmosphere. Above all, the jury was impressed by the respect that the developer had shown for the historic environment surrounding the project. According to the jury, "Entre Deux fits perfectly in the inner city of Maastricht, and creates value through its high quality and special atmosphere. This makes Entre Deux an inspiration for each and every real estate professional working on inner-city redevelopment projects."

The seven members of the jury of the FGH Vastgoedprijs, including the winner of the 2006 Award, represent leading organizations in different fields within the commercial real estate market. The jury nominated three projects out of 20 entries for the FGH Vastgoedprijs 2008. Other nominees were Kraanspoor (Crane Track) in Amsterdam (ING Real Estate Development) and the Musiskwartier in Arnhem (Multi Development). All three nominees are redevelopment projects. Entre Deux in Maastricht is a redevelopment of a shopping area, Kraanspoor is a redevelopment of the former NSDM-werf and the Musiskwartier is an inner-city redevelopment project.

The FGH Vastgoedprijs was established in 1989 by FGH Bank, the real estate bank. This is the 10th time that the prestigious biennial award for distinctive entrepreneurship in the commercial real estate market prize was awarded.

Source: FGH

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