Entertainment in Shopping Centers: Maximizing the shopping experience

To increase footfall and boost sales, retailers have always needed to tap into the consumers’ preferences and adapt to their needs. The changes in shopping behavior have produced a revolution in the retail industry which led to the integration of new trends and the adjustment of traditional offers.

These days, the customers are not focused exclusively on pushing a shopping cart through the abounding aisles. They want to linger for longer, enjoy a personalized shopping experience in which entertainment opportunities gain great priority. A visit to the mall means meeting in a vibrant, multifunctional complex which can include multiplex cinemas, active indoor football facilities, dramatic theater performances, fine dining and any games you can enjoy with friends and family. Diana Avram from Europe Real Estate (REP) looks at four attractive European shopping malls, which offer entertainment alongside a diversified shopping experience. 

Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Center (Istanbul)

Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Center@shutterstock Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Center@shutterstock

Considered Turkey’s most entertaining shopping mall and one of the largest in Europe, Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Center welcomes approx. 45,000 visitors a day ever since its inception on October 12, 2005. A meeting place for people of all ages, the six-floor mall spreads over 420,000 m² with options of fine dining, bowling, arcade games or movie watching in one of the 12 cinema halls. The younger visitors can enjoy a small roller coaster while the ones in the search for a ‘cultural night out’ can experience theater and other performances held in the IDT Cevahir Hall. Visiting here with the purpose of filling their shopping bags, customers will find a diversified offer in 343 shops. 

The Trafford Centre (Manchester)

The Trafford Centre@Hamed Masoumi The Trafford Centre@Hamed Masoumi

The Trafford Centre located in the Greater Manchester area is the second largest mall in the United Kingdom in terms of GLA (180,100 m²). One of the most attractive features of the mall opened in September 1998, The Orient food court—Europe’s largest—with a capacity of 1,600 seats. Next to the fine dining opportunities, the Trafford Centre includes UK’s busiest cinema, a skydiving center and areas for miniature golf, bowling or arcade games. To the younger visitors, the mall has dedicated the sea life area and Legoland. In terms of shopping opportunities, the Trafford Centre has approx. 280 shops and services spread over four floors. 

Colombo Centro Comercial (Lisbon)

Colombo Centro Comercial@Sonae Sierra Colombo Centro Comercial@Sonae Sierra

Inaugurated in September 1997, Lisbon’s Colombo shopping mall is the largest commercial center in the Iberian Peninsula with 404 shops and a GLA of 119,725 m². In terms of entertainment, the shopping mall decorated to portray the history of Portugal has a lot to offer. Aside from 65 restaurants, the Colombo Centro Comercial includes the Zon Lusomundo cinema complex with 10 cinema screens, a health club, an indoor amusement park, and a driving range. The exhibitions, gardens and the chapel contribute to the inspirational environment which creates a full customer-centered experience. 

 Zlote Tarasy/Golden Terraces (Warsaw)

Golden Terraces@jerde.com Golden Terraces@jerde.com

Located in the heart of Warsaw, the Zlote Tarasy or Golden Terraces is a shopping and entertainment complex boasting the biggest glass dome on the continent and already considered a landmark of the Polish city. Spreading over 205,000 m², the mall, which opened in February 2007, aims to combine inspiration and relaxation with the physical retail stores. The visitors can find themselves hunting for tasty food among the numerous restaurants; they can enjoy the eight screens of the multiplex cinema with a capacity of 2,560 seats or work towards a beauty and healthy lifestyle.

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