Emonika City Center redefining the shopping and entertainment experience

In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, TriGranit Development Corporation is developing the largest and most streamlined real estate project in the country – Emonika City Center.
Construction is scheduled to begin in 2012.

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Almost 55,500 m² of GLA will be dedicated to the shopping and entertainment section of the project.

The project is located in the busiest part of the city where road, rail and pedestrian traffic come together. Emonika is going to revitalize the center of the city, redefine the shopping and entertainment experience and put Ljubljana on the map of quality real estate in Europe.

Mixed-use development
The project consists of a business tower, shopping and entertainment center, hotel and congress center, and a residential complex, all of which will be connected to the newly built
transportation hub, including a bus terminal and an elegant railway passenger hall. The commercial and public facilities will be served by 2,000 under and aboveground parking spaces.

Shopping and entertainment
Almost 55,500 m² of GLA will be dedicated to the shopping and entertainment section of the project, which will provide visitors with a wide range of topbrands as well as services and amusements. There will be a variety of more than 200 shops, a supermarket, a food court with restaurants, cafés and bars, and different entertainment programs.

The building will form a living bridge over the railway tracks and connect two parts of the city, as well as integrate the new main city bus and train stations used by more than 30,000 commuters every day.

A 21st century landmark
The Emonika Business Tower will be the country's tallest and most prestigious office tower and will represent a new 21st century landmark in the city.

The tower represents the latest innovations in architectural design accompanied by high-standard technical specifications to satisfy all the possible needs of future tenants. The second tower of the project will accommodate an internationally branded business hotel with 130 rooms, including luxury as well as serviced penthouse apartments with the best views in town.

The Emonika City Center will provide the city with the best place to meet, live, cooperate, gather and seek common opportunities and interests. Construction will start in 2012
and the completion of the shopping and entertainment center, train and bus stations is planned for 2014.

More information
Emonika d.o.o.
Trg OF 5a
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 1 620 2450
F: + 386 1 620 2460
E: info@emonika.si
W: www.emonika.info

TriGranit Development Corporation
Vaci ut 3.
1062 Budapest
T: +36 1 374 5600
F: +36 1 374 5601
W: www.trigranit.com

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