EIRE: Real Estate in Milan for Emerging Countries, the Mediterranean and Balkan areas (EU)

This years EXPO ITALIA (EIRE 2010) to be held June 8 - 10 in Milan, will welcome 473 companies and institutions who are represented there, and over 14,000 professional operators (from over 50 Countries) are expected to attend. About 100seminars and events at the stands will take place during the conference, in the 35,000 m² exhibition area. More than 300 registered journalists are expected to be in attendance.

EIRE has always been a rich international context in which to meet with companies, investors, and industry experts, allowing a synergy of development and an evaluation of new markets.

"With the attention afforded to the Mediterranean Basin, EIRE represents the ideal occasion in which to present our investment possibilities to this business community. EIRE provides a great opportunity to meet with different companies, both from Italy and other parts of the world. We have had successful encounters with representatives from various companies, with an exchange of some good business ideas. We're convinced that both parties will reap the benefits of these ideas." These were the comments of Matej Skočir, advisor for JAPTI, the Republic of Slovenia's Public Agency for Foreign Business and Investment, following his participation in last year's edition.

Moreover, thanks to concentrated one-to-one meetings organised by EIRE staff prior to the fair, between businesses, foreign institutions and some of the most important Italian real estate companies, communication in relation to the projects and requirements of exhibiting companies has been even more effective: "During the fair we held numerous B2B meetings for the purpose of presenting our collection of companies. I believe this was the most efficient method of meeting potential business partners in the context of an international property show".

South East Europe
Amongst those attending, Turkey with TOKI and other private companies including Varyap, Slovenia with public agency JAPTI which includes a number of private operators, Albania, Malta with numerous operators under the direction of Malta Enterprise including Baldacchino Group, the developer of a residential tourist project in Kempiski, and Montenegro with MIPA, an agency for the promotion of direct investment, linked to the Department of Development.

Central and Eastern Europe
Amongst those attending, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Russia with the Penza Region, which will present theme park, office, retail, residential and hotel development projects.

North Africa
Morocco will be present with Al Omrane, an agency of the Moroccan Department of Environment, and other private entities, and Egypt with important private players such as Orascom and Rooya.

Latin America
Brazil will be a protagonist of EIRE, particularly with the City of São Paulo, which is looking for partners and investors for the redevelopment of two important districts, Nova Luz and Agua Espraiada.
Nicaragua will see an institutional presences by the Nicaraguan Tourism Board, Empresa Portuaria
Nacional, I.P.S.M.-Instituto de Prevision Social Militar, and a number of private developers in the tourism, residential, commercial and office sectors, with a particular focus on the redevelopment of Managua Downtown. Examples of such developers include Rancho Santa Marta, Pellas, Development, Sooner Development and Seminole Plaza Hotel.

With Italian companies in particular, important partnerships can be established in the field of design, quality architecture and construction, as well as quality materials, know-how and technology, all of which are either lacking or insufficient in these countries.
Influential foreign bodies will be attending the fair, presenting projects in various real estate divisions. More specifically, projects will relate to district redevelopment, retail, hospitality, offices, social housing, waste disposal and water purification, and the development of theme parks.

Country Presentations
Each year, country presentations by selected nations, encounter gr

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