The EIRE-Expo Italia Real Estate opening on urban refurbishment (IT)

Intiglietta (EIRE), Gros Pietro (Intesa Sanpaolo), Mazzocco (Beni Stabili) and Minister Lupi will participate at the inaugural conference

Intiglietta: "This year once again, the parterre of qualified speakers reflects the quality of these ‘3 days’ in Milan”

The conference on the theme "CHANGE TO GROW UP: A NEW #INTENDED USE FOR ITALY" will open up the tenth edition of EIRE-Expo Italia Real Estate

The event of reference for the Italian Real Estate market, scheduled to take place from 24th to 26th June at Fieramilanocity, will kick off with a debate on the valorisation of real estate heritage, in the presence of the most important industry players. The inaugural conference, promoted in collaboration with Assoimmobiliare and introduced by the patron of EIRE, Antonio Intiglietta (president of Gestione Fiere Spa, the organiser of the event), will include a speech by the president of the Board of Management of Intesa Sanpaolo, Gian Maria Gros Pietro, who will discuss the upcoming challenges in the real estate market.

In the session dedicated to institutions, finance and business, speeches will be heard by the president of Anci, Piero Fassino, the Deputy Mayor and Town Planning councillor of the Municipality of Milan, Ada Lucia De Cesaris, the regional councillor of Town Planning for the Region of Tuscany, Anna Marson, the president of the Association of Social Security Entities, Andrea Camporese, the Head of Real Estate Deposits & Loans Fund, Giovanni Maria Paviera, and the managing director of Invimit SGR, Elisabetta Spitz. The president of Assoimmobiliare and the managing director of Beni Stabili SIIQ, Aldo Mazzocco, and the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Maurizio Lupi, will close the conference.

"This year once again, the parterre of qualified speakers at the inaugural conference reflects the quality of players in this sector, insurance funds, service providers, consulting companies and savings management companies will all participate in these ‘3 days’ in Milan" declared Antonio Intiglietta. "Together, in an attempt to provide a solid contribution to the economic recovery, we will seek to intercept new zonings for heritage assets, capturing the interest of foreign capital, also thanks to the range of opportunities provided by "Investors' Days". For this reason, during the institutional session, we will direct our efforts with determination towards the stakeholders present, whether they be public or private. This will be an opportunity to encourage increased flexibility in the identification of zonings, useful for regenerating (thanks to "time zero" bureaucracy) unused areas or heritage assets. In the awareness of course, that the sector's development is not strictly tied to land consumption".

Source: EIRE

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