EIRE announces progress report on first permanent monitoring for social housing projects in Italy (IT)

EIRE - Expo Italia Real Estate, the biggest Italian international event on the Real Estate sector, announces the progress report on the first permanent monitoring for Social Housing projects in Italy.

The initiative promoted by GE.FI. SpA, together with CLAS Group as scientific partner, results from the success achieved last year at the Social Housing Exhibition, which proved to be a very important occasion for presenting the Social Housing world.

This experience, with the aim of confirming its position as the biggest European exhibition of Social Housing projects, will take place once more within EIRE 2011, from June 7-9 at Fiera Milano.

The monitoring project was set up with the objective of promoting a dialogue between public and private entities involved in the social housing sector and to act as a reference point for market knowledge and institutions.

There are different defined partnerships in support of this project, of which the main partners are: the FONDAZIONE HOUSING SOCIALE, ANCE, ANCI, ASSOIMMOBILIARE, AUDIS, FEDERIMMOBILIARE, LEGACOOP ABITANTI, FEDERABITAZIONE, FEDERCASA.

The permanent observatory aims to monitor all those residential projects intended for new needs, that involve a mid-range, a 'grey area', that may be identified as an emerging class within the country: students, temporary workers, non-European citizens, young couples without children, families with children and in general, people involved in public services. A very heterogeneous array of people that cannot afford to buy a house or which do not have the 'right' to social housing because they are not 'poor' enough.

To date, the subjects involved in the monitored projects amount to 328, of which: 158 are already known and published in the 2010 SOCIAL HOUSING DOSSIER, distributed to all the EIRE Community during the fair, with 170 new subjects. Until now, the number of projects and calls for bids are 168, of which: 52 already present at EIRE 2010 and for which progress is being verified, 91 new identified projects and 25 calls for bids.

The 91 projects being monitored have been identified in Basilicata, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Molise, Piedmont, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige, Umbria and in the Veneto area; with a larger number of projects in Lombardy [34], where it was also possible to collect information on 10 university residences, with 28 in Umbria. Whereas, for the 25 calls for bids, the monitoring focuses on the following typologies: Public notices of interest, Calls for bids for the implementation of specific projects and for the allocation of Social Housing.

The collected data will be made available online by the end of April 2011, on the EIRE site at www.italiarealestate.it in a special section, organized with detailed cards according to the project, technological, energy, financial and management parameters. The monitoring will be made available to the EIRE Community: public administrations, public residential enterprises and banking foundations.

However, for the monitoring system to become an effective instrument of information and a point of reference for all the Real Estate Community, it is important for it to be able describe the widest Social Housing framework, by collecting and describing the largest number of projects. Therefore, collaboration on the part of all the Real Estate players involved in these projects becomes fundamental, in order to afford a definite added value to this important instrument of knowledge, of an increasingly important segment of the Real Estate market.

For further information on the event, visit: www.italiarealestate.it

Source: EIRE Press Office

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