Echo Investment is starting the construction of the second stage of Osiedle Jarzębinowe (PL)

The second stage of Osiedle Jarzębinowe will involve the construction of a six-story building, which is to include 97 apartments with areas ranging from 32 to 113 m². The construction of the project is to start at the end of March this year. Its completion is planned for August 2015. 

Osiedle Jarzębinowe is located on Okopowa Street in Bałuty district. In the first stage Echo Investment completed 120 apartments with areas ranging from 32 to 87 m² located in two buildings. Their high standard and a broad offer enjoyed a lot of interest from clients. There are still some finished apartments available for purchase in this part of the project.

In the second stage the apartments on the ground floor will have gardens, the apartments on upper floors will have balconies while those located on the top floor will have spacious terraces. There are also some service outlets planned on the ground floor. There will be an underground car park in the building, which will offer parking spaces as well as storage rooms. Drivers will also be able to use some spaces in a ground-level car park. The building will have quiet modern lift which will also go down to the underground car park. The project is also planned to include a courtyard with a playground and carefully arranged greenery.

Osiedle Jarzębinowe is an ideal place for people who want to live in a modern apartment located in a  quiet district. The area is dominated by low-rise friendly buildings. There are a lot of public utility buildings nearby as well as an extensive network of schools and nursery schools.

Source: Echo Investment 

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