ECE takes over management of MODOO shopping center in Oviedo (ES/DE)

Auxideico, ECE's Spanish subsidiary, has taken over the management of another shopping center. The MODOO center with a rental space of 39,400 m² in Oviedo, North Spain, is the 15th center in Auxideico's management portfolio.

Shopping-Center MODOO_Spain

The MODOO shopping center in Oviedo, Spain.

Only in Germany, with a total of 93 centers, does ECE manage more centers than in Spain. The third most important country is Turkey where ECE is currently managing eight centers.

Carlos Pestaña, Auxideico CEO: "We are proud to be able to take over the management of the MODOO shopping center in Oviedo. For Auxideico, this is the first management takeover of another center since its affiliation to the German ECE in July 2010. We are looking forward to further grow in Spain together with ECE."

The MODOO shopping center is located in the North Spanish city Oviedo with more than 220,000 inhabitants. Due to the eye-catching architecture by the Spanish architect and civil engineer Santiago Calatrave, the location in the city center, and the balanced tenant and branch mixture, the shopping center established to be a popular destination of excursions in the Asturias region. MODOO provides around 140 specialist stores, cafés, restaurants, and service companies.

Source: ECE

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