ECE starts modification of Marstall Ludwigsburg (DE)

Construction work on and around Marstall shopping center in the German city of Ludwigsburg is progressing rapidly. ECE is starting the modification of the building. The interior and the exterior of the shopping center, which was built in the 1970s, will be modified, modernized, and entirely new designed by ECE. On its reopening in fall 2015, the new Marstall will comprise 60 shops as well as a number of interior and exterior restaurants and cafés on 25,700 m². ECE commissioned Ed. Züblin as general contractor.
One highlight of the new Marstall will be its architecture. Its interior will come close to the historic roots of the location. Nikolaus Thätner, project manager of ECE: "Marstall will clearly set itself apart from other shopping centers, especially with regard to its interior. Its special ambiance will surprise the visitors."
40% of the rental space of Marstall have already been leased out, 1 ½ years before its opening. In general, there is a large proportion of large shop areas which perfectly complement the smaller shop areas in the city center. The objective is to add to the existing retail offers in the city of Ludwigsburg. In this respect, ECE focuses on increasing the leisure experience for visitors. "We aim to convert the former pure shopping gallery in to a modern market place – a meeting place, where people can feel comfortable, go shopping and happily spend their leisure time," Thätner says.
Source: ECE

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