ECE hands over the completed puppet theater building to the City of Szczecin (PL)

On April 1, ECE officially handed over the new, completed building for the 'Pleciuga' Puppet Theater to the mayors of Szczecin and the theater management.


The Pleciuga Puppet Theater in Szczecin, Poland.

In accordance with the cooperation agreement with the city ECE has financed and carried out the construction of the theater. The company fulfilled this obligation before the beginning of its main investment: the construction of the Galeria Kaskada shopping center.

The new theater building has been specially designed to meet the artistic and functional requirements of a modern puppet theater. Erbud S.A. Oddzial Szczecin was the general contractor, while the architectural design was done by ECE and the Szczecin architecture office Dedeco. The building has just received the usage permit thus the theater artists and employees can now move in to the new site.

"Today's ceremony in the new building of the Pleciuga puppet theater confirms my belief that ECE is a trustworthy partner. For the first time in the post-war period the city gained a new theater," said Piotr Krzystek, the Mayor of Szczecin.

"The cooperation with ECE as till now shows good prospects for the future. When the company realizes all its plans the city center of Szczecin will regain its metropolitan character."

Source: ECE

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