Duna Passage Hungarys first sustainable neighbourhood designed by Foster + Partners to be cooled by the Danube (HU)

Budapest's first sustainable, environmentally-friendly neighbourhood is being built according to the first ever Hungarian designs of world-leading architectural studio Foster + Partners. The project will be devloped by WING Zrt, one of the largest privately-owned real estate firms in Hungary.


The concept for Duna Passage to be realized along Budapest's Danube river is built around sustainable planning and the use of green technologies.

Danube Passage is a city center project located on one of the last remaining undeveloped Danube-bank sites in Budapest, combining modern and environmentally-friendly offices, sunny apartments with panoramic views, restaurants, cafés, and a shopping and cultural centre, all in one place. All of this is complemented by the abundance of green space, public parks and a whole range of riverside leisure opportunities.

In terms of its development, the part of Budapest District IX located to the south of Lágymányosi Bridge on the Pest side of the city has, until now, been in a deep slumber. However this area, which at almost 15 hectares is currently Budapest's largest riverside site still to be rehabilitated, is about to be reborn in a world-class, sustainable development by WING, one of the largest and most stable property concerns in Hungary.

Upon completion of the investment a unique part of the city's environmental heritage, the Danube riverfront, will gain a new feature on a section of the riverbank that was hitherto inaccessible. The southern silhouette of the capital will be redrawn by the residential towers being built at the tip of the peninsula, which will be Budapest's tallest new-build apartment buildings. The unique attraction of this new neighbourhood is that it is bordered by the river on two sides, as it will be constructed on the peninsula formed between the Danube itself and the Ráckeve Danube tributary, affording local residents and visitors convenient access to the riverbank, unimpeded and without the need to cross busy lanes of traffic or railway lines.

The existing and planned new road and mass-transport links will make it easy to approach the new quarter, but Danube Passage will nevertheless be shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Throughout the development, priority is being given to environmental protection. The concept is built around sustainable planning and the use of green technologies. As a result of the solutions employed, Danube Passage is easy on the environment, and the offices and apartments of Danube Passage offer a healthier and more efficient setting in which to live and work. Meanwhile, the energy consumption of the buildings, and the related costs, will also be substantially lower.

The energy consumption of Danube Passage could be as much as 40-50% lower than is normal for projects of this kind. All this for the first time in Hungary, on the scale of an entire neighbourhood!

The following environmentally-sound technologies will be used for the first time on the scale of an entire neighbourhood:
  • Green roofs
  • To improve air quality and the

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