DTZ: highest occupancy costs are in London's West End (UK)

To set up a business in West End offices does not come cheep. According to the last survey of the Global Property Adviser DTZ are the rental prices at this London district not only the highest in the world at €2,200/m²/p.a., but it also boasts with the highest occupancy cost per workstation. Here at the West End, these reach up to €20,314/year, not reflecting the employees' salaries.

The fact that London permanently remains as the most expensive office location in the world is only confirmed by the London district City on third position with its annual occupancy costs of €13,478 per workstation. Only Hong Kong managed to wedge in among the mentioned London destinations with its occupancy cost of €17,954 per workstation p.a. Paris employers have to consider the cost of €13,318 and in Tokyo it is €12,015 per one worker.

"Compared to these locations, Prague is incomparable cheaper location. The space designated to a single employee is comparable to the ones in the UK; however, the highest annual rent including service charges is just below €300/year in the city center. That is roughly about €3,400 per workstation p.a.," says V

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