DTZ defends its position as property portfolio manager of SEB Investment GmbH (CZ/SK)

For the next three years DTZ will be the property manager of the select real estate portfolio of SEB Investment GmbH in the Czech Republic & the Slovak Republic.

Anděl Park

Anděl Park in Prague 5.

The investor has first class office buildings in Prague and Bratislava under its ownership: Anděl Park in Prague 5 and the Europeum and Dell buildings in Bratislava. The total area is nearly 56,000 m². DTZ defended its position in a tender held at the end of last year.

"Our task is clear: to create and maintain pleasant working conditions for current prestigious tenants thanks to the high quality services provided and environment. We also want to attract potential tenants, fully occupy the building and thus guarantee a stable income for the owner. Last but not least, our task is to check every crown spent on running the property," said Petra Pávová, DTZ's property manager in charge of the SEB properties.

According to Petr Šulc, Chief Operating Officer DTZ Czech Republic a.s., property management means in a nutshell the complete care of a building and tenants, care of contractors in the field of facility management, cleaning, security and so on. Property managers are often responsible for communicating with potential new tenants as well.

"It is true that the property manager is a sophisticated intermediary between the owner, contractors and tenants or visitors in the case of shopping centers," adds Petr Šulc.

An experienced property manager can effectively control both the costs associated with operating the building (through the selection of contractors) and, on the other hand, maximize revenue from rents. This has a positive effect on the operating cash flow of the managed building and thus the owner's profit. The Prague office of DTZ has many years of experience in asset & property management. It currently manages a portfolio of nearly 465,000 m² of office, retail and logistics properties in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic that are owned by strong investors such as Europolis, ING Finance, Aerium, Ballymore, AXA and Valad.

Source: DTZ

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