DTZ: CTP to build over 30,000 m² for FEI in Brno (CZ)

The domestic industrial property market has waited nearly a year and a half for a new lease over 20,000 m². FEI, the world leader in electron microscopes and nanotechnologies, has decided to expand its Brno location and is heading to CTP Park Brno at Cernovicka terasa.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Czech and US offices of international consulting firm DTZ, which represented FEI in this project, the transaction was successfully completed within the expected time frame.

"This is a classic example of international cooperation involving all the necessary components. As a global company we required global service, but with detailed knowledge of the local environment. We received this service from DTZ and we have found a reliable partner in CTP," said Don Davis, Global Facility Manager, FEI.

The pre-lease process in buildings that will be custom-built for the company as part of phase 2 of CTP Park Brno by developer CTP, was completed in recent days. The lease was concluded for 20 years and FEI will be able to move its Brno capacities into the new location in the middle of next year.

"We have been operating in Brno since 1993, so in our view it is an established location. In addition to the accessibility, synergy and connections to transport routes, our company is guaranteed a sufficient number of qualified employees, including top professionals," commented Jiri Ocadlik, CEO of FEI CR, on the selection of the site for the new manufacturing plant.

FEI's excellently equipped manufacturing centre will occupy over 21,000 m², while another 10,000 m² will serve as capacity for offices, laboratories and R&D. "This is one of the largest lease transactions in recent years. More important than the size, however, is the strategic significance and added value – FEI is employing hundreds of specialists, mainly graduates from technical fields," said Martin Sumera, Head of Industrial Agency DTZ, which cooperated with the client in selecting the most suitable location and in negotiating the terms of the lease and construction.

The added value of FEI's foreign investment is illustrated by the fact that company management intends in Brno to install state-of-the-art development and manufacturing technology associated with production of precision electron microscopes capable of high-resolution images on the level of individual atoms.

FEI's main customers include government organisations, major producers of computer chips and processors, leading researchers, scientists and engineers around the world. The new location at CTP Park Brno also offers the potential of cooperation with other companies already operating there and having a similar focus, namely Honeywell, Acer, TE Connectivity and ModusLink.

"This major investment by FEI demonstrates why in Brno and its surroundings there has been minimum vacancy of logistics and production facilities over the long term. We see here the value that manufacturing and development companies place on cooperation with universities and synergy with other companies.

"The importance of similar transactions goes beyond the South Moravian region. They have a positive impact on the whole domestic economy," concluded Martin Sumera of DTZ.

Source: DTZ

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