DTZ becomes exclusive property advisor to Siemens (BE)

The Belgian Real Estate department of Siemens - a world leader in the Energy, Industry and Healthcare sectors – has chosen DTZ as exclusive advisor for the strategic optimalisation and the operational management of its property portfolio. The portfolio consists mainly of production and office buildings in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

Following an invitation for tenders launched in December 2008, DTZ was appointed by Siemens as exclusive property advisor for its total property portfolio in Belgium. Siemens employs 2200 staff in Belgium. The property portfolio entrusted to DTZ covers more than 80,000 m² in 15 buildings, located primarily in Anderlecht Angleur, Herentals, Humbeek, Huizingen, Merelbeke, Jambes, Ninove, Zaventem, Zwijndrecht and Luxembourg. The business premises contain office and production spaces.

This exclusive contract – running for five years with the possibility of renewal – is for a consultancy service and the management of the Siemens' Belgian property portfolio. It covers investment advice on property belonging to Siemens with a view to developing a better benchmark and monitoring property running costs. In addition, DTZ will support Siemens as an external property advisor in its property strategy.

Siemens is outsourcing its property portfolio to DTZ, an independent property professional, without relinquishing control of the property assets. This formula allows for strategic independence to be combined with the expertise and flexibility of an external partner.

DTZ will also be responsible for the daily management of the buildings. To this end, DTZ is incorporating Siemens' property team into its own Property Management department. Siemens' two existing employees will be employed by DTZ, but will continue to work at the Siemens site.

According to Mr Bernd Mihaly, head of SRE Belgium, "The outsourcing of the management of the property portfolio fits in with the strategic reorientation taking place at Siemens Real Estate. By collaborating with a professional partner, SRE hopes to get access to the latest market info, benchmark itself against the market, ensure continuity of management, and finally realise possible financial savings."

In Belgium, the DTZ Property Management department manages approximately 833,500 m² of office, industrial and commercial premises. According to Luis Vasconcelos, Managing Director of DTZ: "Siemens has joined forces with DTZ on account of the latter's professional property management and knowledge of the real-estate market. As such DTZ can advise Siemens on how to make its property portfolio as competitive as possible. DTZ will also be engaged as an external property partner to lease the available space in its buildings, redistribute work-stations and offer strategic advice on its property strategy. All DTZ's areas of expertise (e.g. investment advice on acquisition and disposal, commercialization, fixtures and fittings coordination and daily building management) will be called upon, and DTZ will also function as a benchmark."

Source: DTZ

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