Dirk Hoffmann joins Catella Germany Board of Directors (DE)

As from now, Dr. Dirk Hoffmann has joined the board of directors of Catella Property GmbH. Prior to joining Catella he was Spokesman of the Board at Allgemeine Hypothekenbank Rheinboden AG and as a long standing board member at other mortgage banks he is a noted expert for real estate financing.

"The appointment of Dr. Dirk Hoffmann to the board of directors is a huge asset to Catella. Our company will profit from his business expertise and excellent knowledge of the industry," says Johan Ericsson, Catella Germany's Chairman of the Board.

Catella Germany will be expanding their comprehensive real estate capital market transaction offers and thus strengthening its market position especially in the corporate and structured finance sectors. "Dr. Dirk Hoffmann's commitment and his experience in real estate financing will bring us one step closer to our goal", explains Ericsson.

Source: Catella

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