Dirk Brounen new Real Estate Professor at Tilburg University (NL)

Tilburg University has initiated a new Chair in Real Estate Economics, starting on February 1, 2011. Dirk Brounen, one of Europe's most productive real estate academics, will take on this position and will continue his research on matters like risk management, regulation, sustainability, and the performance of real estate investments.


Dirk Brounen.

PwC, Amvest, PGGM and FGH Bank sponsor this new chair and will support Tilburg University in their endeavors to create new real estate insights and to translate these to real estate markets all around. "Together, we will crack the DNA-code of profitable and sustainable real estate successes," says Dirk Brounen.

Over the next few years he will work on an ambitious research agenda with a focus on risk management, regulations, sustainability and financial performance. "The last few years have proven the need for fundamental real estate knowledge. Research that creates this knowledge should be regarded as a great investment," says Tak Lam, CFO of Amvest.

Within Tilburg University, Brounen will spread his work and time across two Schools. Within the School of Economics and Management, Brounen will work on his fundamental research and teach at undergraduate programs. At TiasNimbas Business School, he will translate the theoretical insights into practical lessons for the market and society. Together with his sponsors, Dirk will setup a new platform – The Real Estate LAB – in which he will maximize the interaction and synergies between theory and practice of real estate markets. At workshops, webcasts, and masterclasses, the Real Estate LAB will offer relevant results and gather valuable feedback from practitioners.

"At the moment, the real estate market faces some tough questions. We are very keen to join Dirk on seeking for the right answers," says Jeroen Elink Schuurman, real estate leader at PwC Netherlands.

Kees Koedijk, Dean at the School of Economics and Management of Tilburg University, is very pleased with the arrival of Dirk Brounen on his campus. "The real estate market represents an enormous fraction of our modern society, and we are certain that understanding real estate markets is of key importance moving forward. Tilburg University has a long tradition on research themes like sustainability, integrity, and transparency. Topics that are, and will remain, relevant for real estate markets around the globe."

Dirk Brounen is Professor of Real Estate Economics. Before joining Tilburg University, he worked at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the University of California in Berkeley, and at the University of Amsterdam. Next to his scientific work, Dirk is also well experienced as advisor for various real estate firms and organization and as consultant for different governments.

Source: Tilburg University

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