Digital voting for CIJ Awards brings hyper-transparency to property industry (PL)

This year's CIJ Awards series, which begins in just over two weeks in Warsaw, will be accompanied by a new voting system that represents an important leap forward for events of its kind. The challenge faced for property awards everywhere is always to produce a result that is both accepted and respected by the property community. The new system will embrace both market sentiment as well as the considered opinions of market specialists, while creating as the most transparent and verifiable voting possible.

CIJ Awards

The season opening awards start in Warsaw on November 3, 2011.

In short, the formula to be employed at the awards in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania will be a combination of popular voting (with 75% weighting) along with a panel of judges (25%).

The organizers have unveiled a new system enabling people to vote using their computer, smart phone or tablet. Emails will be sent out to the CEOs, Managing Directors and Partners in each country. This component of the voting will provide a clear picture of the standing of projects and companies in the eye of the public property sector.

The complete list of online voters, as well as their responses will be tallied and confirmed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which will be making spot checks on voters to assure the accuracy and the procedural integrity of the voting.

A series of sector-specific panels for each project category, made up of judges specialized in those fields who have no direct ownership connection with the nominations will then pass its own judgment. This means that a Retail Judging Panel will meet to discuss the nominations for the 'Best Shopping Development of the Year', as will Judging Panels for the office and logistics sectors.

Judges will also vote on the best service providers (Best Real Estate Agency, Best Legal Firm, Best Property Management), though again, they will not be allowed to vote in categories in which their companies are competing. Judging Panel meetings will be attended by PwC representatives to ensure procedures are followed.

Roberts Publishing believes this move towards virtual hyper-transparency is in line with broader changes currently under way in the property industry (and beyond). In fact, it seems apparent that such changes will inevitably become a component of all awards decisions.

More importantly, it is part of a deeper attempt by Roberts Publishing Media Group to continue to provide quality information, while striving to produce new, innovative forms and formats of business intelligence.

After the season opening awards in Warsaw on November 3, the event will be held as it is every year in Prague (November 23), Budapest (December 1), Bratislava (December 6) and Bucharest (December 8).

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Source: Roberts Publishing Media Group

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