Delta, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh create first Cradle to Cradle office park in The Netherlands (NL)

With the development of the unique Park 20/20 (Beukenhorst Zuid), Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels and Reggeborgh Groep will create within the Werkstad A4 region, the first sustainable full service Netherlands based office park in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle principle. The plan was presented on Thursday 11th October together with wethouder Economische Zaken, (alderman Economic Affairs) Mr. A.Th.H. van Dijk, from the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

The full service office park is the first in the plan for sustainable development at Werkstad A4 in line with the 'quality of life' guidelines as put forward by the Municipality. The plan was delivered by Arthur van Dijk, William McDonough and Coert Zachariasse of Delta Development Group.

Delta Development Group, VolkerWessels, Reggeborgh Groep and the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer will in the coming period delve deeply into how to further develop this amazing ambitious project. Park 20/20, the future of office parks on approximately 114.000 m2 in Haarlemmermeer at Beukenhorst Zuid with fantastic public transport at it's door. The esteemed American architect William McDonough has been chosen to develop the masterplan for Park 20/20, he is internationally renowned for his vision in the area of sustainable construction and re-cycling. He is also the devisor of the Cradle to Cradle principle.

A new concept Park 20|20
It is a beguiling new concept, Park 20/20 is set to become the first full service Cradle to Cradle office park in the Netherlands. An optimum integration between sustainable building, top quality public space and approach to working will be found here. The plan caters to a number of our present and future socio-economic and ecological concerns. Examples of which being the importance of making it easier to combine work and private life, the retaining of and attracting talented staff as well as considerations such as global heating, water purification and the reduction of waste.

The present plan comprises of approximately 90.000 m² offices, 2.000 parking spaces, 18.000 m² hotel with conference centre and 6.000 m² of facilities such as a supermarket, athletics track, fitness centre, crèche, and a variety of restaurants. The park with its own on-site park management organisation will guarantee the best service facilities.

Right from the beginning the initial design of Park 20/20 is based on sustainability and 'quality of living' in combination with the following:

  1. A central and integrated energy system with sustainable generation of renewable energy and a campus wide ground source loop;
  2. An integral water management system with re-cycling and purification system;
  3. Optimal heat insulation within buildings to minimalise energy use and maximise use of solar energy;
  4. Integration of landscape and buildings to stimulate biodiversity and improve public areas;
  5. Central parking facilities;
  6. Central public areas with high quality facilities;
  7. All architecture following and in line with Cradle to Cradle principle.
"The creation of such an ambitious project can only happen in cooperation with the Municipality. Only on the large scale is integration of sustainability, park management and facility services possible,'' stated Coert Zachariasse, C.E.O. Delta Development Group.

Werkstad A4
Air freight transport is expected to rise by 6% p.a. in the coming years. For the efficient handling of cargo in the Schiphol area it is clear more space is necessary. This area will be developed in a sustainable manner with regard to the Municipality's clearly laid out 'quality of life' guidelines. The development of WA4 will result into a great and multi-model logistic site that will reinforce the competitive position of Schiphol tied companies. WA4 is made up of a number of new company sites such as A4 zone West, Schiphol Logistics Park, Glastuinbouw Rijsenhout as well as the existing ones: De Hoek, De Hoek Noord en Beukenhorst Oost-Oost.

A direct logistic connection from Schiphol to WA4 is planned to

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