Deka Immobilien buys real estate for closed-end funds (DE)

Deka Immobilien acquired commercial and retail property for a total amount of €120 million over the past weeks. The properties were bought for two closed funds which aim at institutional investors.

The Skyper building, Frankfurt am Main, head office of Deka Immobilien

Deka-S-Property-Fonds Nr. 1 and Nr. 2 acquired 50% of the office building DOM 50 A&B in Warschau, from DB Real Estate for €50 million. The building is rented to Bilfinger and Hermes. In addition Fonds Nr. 2 purchased the office building Artus Park in Danzig for €17 million.
Fonds Nr. 1 also acquired three logistic centers in Lisbon for €26 million and bought the TorreShopping shoppingcenter located 100 km north of Lisbon for €25 million. These were the fund's first acquisitions in Portugal. Both funds reached a total investment volume of €300 million through these acquisitions.

Source: Immobilien Zeitung

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