DARMA SGR acquires the Adria International Raceway (IT)

Darma SGR, an Italian asset management company based in Milan and specialising in Property Funds, has acquired assets worth €80 million for the Fund 'Ermes Real Estate'. One of the assets is the famous 'Adria International Raceway', in the Veneto region.

Adria International Raceway is the pearl of a great multifunctional complex located at Adria's door, close to Venice, and just a few kilometers from the Adriatic sea.

The racetrack of Adria International Raceway is 2,702 meters long. The complex provides hospitality (40 rooms on the spot and 80 more rooms in the town of Adria), restaurants, meeting rooms, a Hall, briefing rooms, a Media center, and a Tower which offers a panoramic view of the circuit. In addition, Adria Raceway has a covered and heated paddock (8,100 m²) and a very large space for boxes. The system of safe drive and the heliport complete this great area.

About Darma SGR
Darma SGR has launched and manages 3 Property Funds with a total value of €310 million, and has now an investment potential of €500 million.

Darma SGR has a very diversified investment strategy: office buildings in Milan and Rome, touristic resorts in the Elba Island, healthcare, land to be developed, residential, and now - for the very first time in the country - the Adria Raceway. The areas of interest are Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio.

"By the end of 2007, Darma is committed to launch three more Funds, investing also in the South of Italy and abroad," says Alberto M. Lunghini, CEO of Darma SGR.

Source: Darma SGR

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