Cushman & Wakefield appointed exclusive agent for commercialization of Katowice Railway Station (PL)

Cushman & Wakefield has been appointed an exclusive agent for the commercialization of shopping gallery in Katowice Railway Station. The project is located at Wilhelma Szewczyka square in the center of Katowice, Poland, adjacent to a bus station. Planned modernization of the railway station includes the construction of a complex comprising a railway station, bus station, retail and service center as well as business and cultural center.

Dworzec Katowice

An artist's impression of the modernized railway station.

A retail and service scheme will be fully integrated with the main railway station. Shopping gallery will occupy the whole area of Szewczyka square. Total area of the center will be 53,000 m² spread out over five storys. In addition, it will offer two-story underground car park for 1,200 vehicles. The western wing will feature seven-story office part. The new railway station facility and retail and office scheme will be linked with pedestrian passageway called Fashion Avenue (Aleja Mody).

The project design is to retain the character of the city center of the pre-war period. The triangle of three alleys helped to restore the frontage of the tenement houses from the past. Corner entrance to the gallery from Stawowa Street also relates to historic character of the city.

Due to revitalization process the modernization plan of the communication system is to be prepared, with the redevelopment of the streets around Szewczyka square. In the underground part a new Dworcowa street, municipal transport stops and a new bus station will be constructed, with the existing square occupied by the bus station turned into a pedestrian promenade with benches and fountains.

The investment will be realized in phases, with the first one to be the completion of a new railway station building. The multi-functional center will be developed in two stages. Planned opening of the center is scheduled for 2012. The delivery of a stand-alone office building is projected for Q4 2013.

The investor and developer of the shopping gallery is Spanish Neinver Sp. z o.o., a partner of PKP S.A. in the implementation of the project. The railway station design was created in the cooperation with SUD Architectes architectural studio.

Marek Noetzel, Associate, Cushman & Wakefield, said, "Redevelopment and extension of Katowice Railway Station provide an excellent opportunity for the revitalization of the city center. It will be one of the most significant investment of this type in Central Europe in the coming years."

Source: Cushman & Wakefield Polska Sp. z o.o.

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