Crown Realty announces investment advisory services to banks on distressed assets (USA)

Crown Realty Advisors announces the enhanced capabilities of Al Dinicola investment banker with NAMCO to service Lenders nationwide. With the dramatic increase in distressed properties and notes, this is an excellent tool to act as a registered fiduciary with the banks best interest in mind.

This latest tool will allow Dinicola to operate with banks nationwide in portfolio analysis, strategy, management and workout solutions... all designed to reduce bad debt, loss mitigation and maximize net proceeds. Says Dinicola, "It's a natural solution to help banks in need on strategizing performing, non performing and REO properties to improve the banks yield and cash position. Most lenders are swamped with properties and need impartial expertise with industry knowledge in real estate and workouts."

By talking the language of the lenders and helping them as a fiduciary with their core problems of loss mitigation and cash reserves, Crown is distinctly different than most general real estate teams. "We begin with the end in mind," says John Bielefeldt partner with Crown. "Our true value - add is that we know the business, are experts in workouts and offer the banks a true cost effective solution."

Crown Realty Advisors is a leader in distressed property acquisitions, management and workouts creating maximum value for clients. Crown Realty Advisors brings the total process from investment, asset management, and nationwide workout teams with nationwide teams and international buying groups.

Source: Crown Realty

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