Criterion Capital appoints Savills on Trocadero retail brief (UK)

Criterion Capital is to overhaul the retail offering at the Trocadero as part of an active asset management programme for its holdings in the Piccadilly area.

The prominent London investor has appointed Savills to launch a new retail scheme, The Trocadero Buildings, comprising two units offering 16,150 ft² (approx. 1,500 m²) and 41,885 ft² (approx. 3,892 m²) respectively.

Asif Aziz, CEO of Criterion Capital, comments: “Following the success of the Crown Estate in re-asserting Regent Street as a flagship retail destination, we are seeing a ripple effect into Piccadilly. This presents us with an opportunity to reposition the Trocadero in response to growing interest from national and international retailers.”

Anthony Selwyn, head of Central London Retail at Savills, adds: “Just as Regent Street has re-emerged as one of London’s most attractive destinations, there is a clear opportunity to replicate this in and around Piccadilly. These prominent sites offer a rare opportunity for a foothold in this thriving part of the West End.”

With some 30 million people passing through the center each year, the new retail units are expected to attract strong interest from fashion, sports and confectionary and lifestyle brands.

Source: Criterion Capital

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