Credit Suisse has begun the expansion of its Uetlihof premises (CH)

Credit Suisse is investing in the Swiss market. The Bank is committing 270 million francs (approx. €163 mln.) to the expansion of its largest office building, the Uetlihof in Zurich, Switzerland, built between 1974 and 1979.

Construction work on the new Uetlihof 2 development is now underway, and the foundation stone will be laid this month. The new building will be completed by the end of 2011 and will be large enough to house more than 2,000 additional workspaces, a new power generation facility, an additional staff restaurant and a new sports area for employees. In the future, a total of 8,000 employees will work at Uetlihof.

Credit Suisse plans to realize the Uetlihof 2 project in accordance with the MINERGIE-P-ECO-Standard, making the new building the largest office premises in Switzerland to be certified under this construction standard.

Source: Credit Suisse

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