Corporate sustainability strategies of listed European real estate companies on rise (EUR)

The research team of IVG Immobilien AG has conducted a survey of 85 listed real estate companies in Europe regarding the theme of Corporate Sustainability (CS). The results were remarkable.

  • The reduction of economic risks is the major driver for committing to CS, followed by the improvement of image and the increase of productivity.
  • 65% of the companies see a significant demand of CS matters by the tenant.
  • 53% said that they seek so called Green Leases in the next 24 months.
  • 22% of the companies have meanwhile installed an independent CS department.
  • The most frequently used certification system in Europe is BREEAM.
  • Main activity of the companies in the next two years will be the reduction of the CO2 emissions of buildings.
  • In the European CS ranking Scandinavian countries are leading while Poland is in last place.

"The theme of Sustainability or Corporate Sustainability in the real estate industry as an increasingly economic factor becomes clearly visible. But there often still exists a gap between the claim and articulation of a more sustainable acting of the companies and the measurable economic evidence in the real estate industry," commented Dr Thomas Beyerle, Head of CS & Research of IVG Immobilien AG, the idea behind the survey.

IVG expects, based on the available results, a progressive establishment of CS activities for real estate companies. "By this way we are able to prove that this is a broad market movement, which is now clearly gaining in depth. The question of "if" is thus no longer asked", Beyerle continues. The analysts expect a further dynamic development of this theme in Europe.

Source: IVG

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