Corio obtains dominant position in town center Tilburg (NL)

The new shopping center Pieter Vreedeplein in Tilburg was officially opened on 19 March, 2008. Based on the number of residents and compared to other towns, retail offer lagged behind in Tilburg, the sixth town of the Netherlands. With the opening of the new shopping center Tilburg is making up lost ground, as regards quality as well as quantity. With this shopping center Corio has obtained a dominant position in Tilburg's town center.

Strategic central location
Pieter Vreedeplein shopping center is an inner city shopping center with a supraregional function; together with the shops on Pieter Vreedestraat, it consists of ca 28,000 m² retail space, leisure and a seven-screen cinema complex. It is a dominant shopping center at a strategic central location in Tilburg's main shopping area, with a total catchment area of over 340,000 consumers. The shopping center has a special character because of the emphasis on large-scale retail units. The mix with smallscale units, health care and leisure provides a first-class enhancement for Tilburg's town center. In choosing this unique concept, the Municipality of Tilburg has opted for a strategy to strengthen its town center, thus placing Tilburg on the map as a 'shopping city'.

Dominant position in town center
The investment in Pieter Vreedeplein shopping center is ca €71 million. The Emmapassage in Tilburg has formed part of Corio's portfolio since 1992. In total, Corio now owns ca €100 million of retail space in Tilburg's town center. The net yield of the investment in Pieter Vreedeplein, with gross rent at ca

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