Corio and Klépierre intent to distribute a dividend of €1.03 per share and an interim dividend of €0.91 per share (EU)

In connection with the recommended exchange offer made by Klépierre S.A. (Euronext Paris) to acquire all issued and outstanding shares of Corio N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam), as more fully described in the joint press releases of Klépierre and Corio, Corio and Klépierre make the following announcements:
As announced by Klépierre and Corio, Corio intends to distribute, before the settlement date, a dividend to the Corio shareholders in order to comply with its obligations under the FBI regime for the 2014 financial year and the period running from 1 January 2015 until the merger date.
In order to maintain an exchange ratio (for both the offer and the merger) of 1.14 new Klépierre shares for each share, Klépierre will concurrently distribute to its shareholders, before the settlement date, an interim per share dividend with regards to the 2014 fiscal year corresponding to the per share dividend distributed by Corio divided by 1.14. Corio dividend to date, the amount of the estimated dividend to be distributed by Corio is € 1.03 per share.
Currently, 100,776,951 ordinary shares are entitled to dividend. With effect from 8 January 2015 the shares will go ex-dividend.
Source: Klépierre and Corio

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