CORESTATE Capital to develop 1,350 apartments in €432 mln JV (AT)

CORESTATE Capital announced that the company is developing four high-rises in Vienna for a total project volume of €432 mln. One of the buildings, 150 metres tall, will be the highest tower block in the German-speaking countries.
Together with its Austrian partner Soravia Group, CORESTATE Capital is planning to realise two distinct ensembles of high-rises with a combined total of 1,350 condominiums and rental flats as well as office and commercial units.
The concept also includes concierge services, preschools, gyms and roof-top gardens. Both projects are situated in premium locations in the Austrian capital: Danube Flats in direct proximity to the local seat of the United Nations (UNO City), and TRIIIPLE in the popular Third Borough close to the Danube and the Prater parklands.
Source: CORESTATE Capital

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