Coperfil Real Estate creates CORE ENERGY, an investment society in renewable energies (ES)

Coperfil Real Estate Group, specialists in property development and investment in logistics, retail and business parks, has created CORE ENERGY (Coperfil Real Estate Energy), a new investment company in renewable energies which will start its activity by placing architecturally integrated solar panels on the group's building's roofs. The company is also working on the possibility of long-term wind generators placing.

According to Oriol Gual, Director of Property at Coperfil Real Estate Group, "CORE ENERGY is not only a vehicle for an attractive new type of profitable investment for shareholders, financial institutions, government and society; it also represents an added value significant increase in our company's real estate investments."

On a first stage, CORE ENERGY will bring additional incomes to real estate investments by renting the building's roofs where it will place the photovoltaic plates. The energy generated by these photovoltaic plates will be geared to the electrical network.

With the creation of CORE ENERGY, Coperfil Real Estate Group will obtain similar profitability from the real-estate investment and, at the same time, the company will show its implication on the environmental preservation. The company also lines up with the premises of the new Royal Decree, which stimulates the installation of solar panels on roofs and near to consumption areas.

Coperfil Real Estate Group buildings morphology won't be modified by the solar panel facilities. This will allow CORE ENERGY to invest in solar panels for new buildings and also for those that are already in use.

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