Contract of intent signed for Binckhorst redevelopment in The Hague (NL)

The municipality of The Hague, Rabo Vastgoed and BPF Bouwinvest have signed a contract of intent for the redevelopment of the Binckhorst industrial site in The Hague. Ultimately on April 30, 2007 a decision will be made about the formation of a public private partnership for the project. In the meantime the planning as well as the legal and financial aspects of the intended future partnership will be investigated. In addition, an urban masterplan for the area will be developed.

Earlier this year, the municipality of The Hague presented the Gebiedsvisie Plus Binckhorst, an elaborated urban vision describing the plans about the redevelopment of the Binckhorst site. In the coming fifteen to twenty years the 96 ha industrial site will be redeveloped into an innercity site with space for working, living and leisure, says Pieter van Woensel, alderman in The Hague. Some 5,000 new dwellings and about 85,000 sq.m. of new office space will be created in the area.

Source: BPF Bouwinvest

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