Consortium to expand Rabobank administrative center (NL)

Rabobank signed a construction team agreement with the building consortium Heijmans / J.P. van Eesteren for the expansion of the Rabobank Nederland administrative center in Utrecht. The new complex will comprise a transparent 105-metre tower and a campus linking this tower with the existing buildings. This will be one of the most durable office complexes in the Netherlands.

The building consortium of Heijmans / J.P. van Eesteren has been selected as the main contractor. They will undertake the project on a 50%-50% basis. Installation operations will be carried out by subcontractors Wolter & Dros and Croon. The consortium's proposal was chosen as 'the most economically favourable offer'. This means selection was done on the basis of a careful consideration of a variety of factors, such as price, quality, durability, planning, risk management and other aspects Rabobank believed to be important in its choice. The total project contracting costs are set at around €130 million.

Following the building consortium agreement, preparatory construction activities are currently planned to begin in the first quarter of 2007. Construction will take around three years. Demolition activities have already been concluded on the site on Utrecht's Croeselaan. Some 98% of the resulting rubble will be re-used. Rabobank is thus demonstrating that the route to sustainable construction begins with sustainable demolition. The new complex is expected to be handed over at the beginning of 2010.

Source: Heijmans

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