Conservative plans a big step forward, but primary legislation is needed (UK)

Grant Shapps MP, Conservative shadow housing minister, has today confirmed plans to offer householders £6,500 (€7,200) worth of energy efficiency measures, to be paid for over time through the savings on energy bills. The Conservatives have also announced their intention for retailers to play a lead role in selling these refurbishment services.

Paul King, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, said:
"The Conservative's 'Green Deal', which will offer householders energy saving measures is a hugely welcome step in the right direction. It begins to tackle the key obstacle that householders face, which is the high upfront cost of much of this work.

"It's great to see the Conservatives taking on board our recommendations that a wide range of low carbon refurbishment providers be encouraged into the market, such as the high street retailers, who have trusted brands and expertise in consumer relations.

"However, a scheme such as this needs primary legislation to enable it to happen. If government can't find time before an election, this needs to be an absolute priority after the general election, for a new government – of any colour."

Source: UK Green Building Council

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