Composition Capital announces creation of urban regeneration JV in Taiwan (NL/TW)

Composition Capital has announced the creation of a JV partnership with a local investment manager with development experience in Taiwan within its second Asia fund.

The investment, initially established as a JV, will invest in urban regeneration projects in Taipei, with a focus on local-scale residential markets. The partnership was founded in September 2011 and initial investments are due to be completed before year-end.

Composition's Asia Director Bill Shaw added, "Taiwan's urban regeneration program is well-defined with established procedures, within an economy we believe is a sound investment environment with potential for long-term growth.

"With our local partner, we are able to access niche market opportunities, which are not readily available to international investors and generally not of sufficient scale to be of interest to larger (market dominating) local developers."

Composition's second Asia fund is scheduled to complete two further investments in the next month, fully investing the fund. Composition's following activity in Asia will be the launch of its Asia Fund III, offering investors access to further small and mid-cap opportunities in selected markets and sectors across Asia.

Source: Composition Capital Partners

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