Commerz Real being launched (DE)

Two Commerzbank Group companies, namely Commerz Grundbesitz Gruppe (CGG) and CommerzLeasing und Immobilien AG (CLI), have merged to form a new company, Commerz Real AG. The merger creates one of the world's largest real estate asset managers and providers of leasing and investment solutions. The new company's assets under management equal approximately €42 billion.

A staff of about 800 professional works at the company's two locations in Düsseldorf and Wiesbaden, as well as in several branch offices inside and outside Germany.

"Commerz Real pools the competence and revenue power of two successful companies with a comprehensive range of investment and financing options," elaborates Hubert Spechtenhauser, Management Spokesman of Commerz Real. "This makes us a powerful partner for individual investors, corporate and public-sector clients as well as institutional investors, both domestic and foreign."

A comprehensive product and service range
Commerz Real offers investment products, structured investments, and equipment leasing, as well as a variety of complementary services. Investment products include the public property funds, hausInvest europa and hausInvest global, several institutional property funds, the French REIT CeGeReal, as well as more than 160 closed-end CFB funds that invest predominantly in real estate, ships, and renewable energy.

The service area of structured investments covers leasing concepts for properties and big-ticketing equipment, such as aircraft, ships, or power plants. Add to this structured financing options for commercial companies, the public sector, and public private partnerships.
In equipment leasing, Commerz Real covers above all the classic object areas of equipment and facilities, motor vehicles and IT systems.

Enhanced market position through integrated view on assets and investors
The idea to merge CGG and CLI is rooted in a new market strategy approach. It joins two complementary business models, and helps to implement a shared growth strategy. Commerz Real integrates the strengths of two successful companies, each of them well established in their respective markets.

"In order to stay on top of the dynamic competition now and in the future, we need to cultivate an integrated perspective on markets and investors," argues Spechtenhauser. "This calls for a broad-based positioning in regard to product and industry know-how, and vis-à-vis the investor and asset bases. Joining forces, our two houses will be able to boost the joint spending power. This will avail us of a much more prominent market position both in Germany and in the international arena. Moreover, the expertise of CGG in portfolio and asset management issues will combine with the comprehensive financing and structuring know-how of CLI. All of these factors secure significant competitive advantages for us."

Source: Commerz Real

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