Colliers Montenegro the leasing agent for Gintasmont's Mall of Montenegro in Podgorica (TR)

Colliers International Montenegro has announced that it will be the exclusive leasing agent for the Turkish company Gintasmont's Mall of Montenegro project in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica. Gintasmont is a sister company of Gintas Group from Turkey.

Gintasmont's Mall of Montenegro project in
Podgorica, Montenegro.

Gintas initially constructed the Green Bazaar project in a joint venture with the Municipality of Podgorica and is now creating the Mall of Montenegro by adding additional retail units in a second phase of construction with a third phase of construction featuring office/hotel/residential units. The second phase will increase the project with a net leaseable area of 2,252 m², and the third phase will bring an additional 17,000 m² of net leasable area.

Neset Tahir Dogru, General Manager, Gintasmont and Member of Board of Directors, Gintas Inc., stated that "Mall of Montenegro is going to become the largest retail development in Montenegro and is an important project for both Gintas and Montenegro. The social and economical contribution of this development will positively affect the improving image of Montenegro."

Aleksandra Cvetanovi

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