Colliers International officially launches its Novi Sad office (RS)

Colliers Serbia has officially opened its Novi Sad office. Colliers hosted a news conference attended by all the important provincial media, followed by cocktails. VIP guests and speakers at the event included Igor Pavlicic, Mayor of Novi Sad, Branislav Bugarski, Director of Vojvodina Investment Promotion (VIP) fund, as well as Jovica Jakovac, Managing Director of Colliers Serbia. Among other important municipal and provincial officials, including key local directors, Colliers also welcomed the Economic Attache of the American Embassy in Serbia, Troy Pederson.

Igor Pavlicic, Mayor of Novi Sad, said: "I would personally like to welcome Colliers International to Novi Sad. We, as the newly appointed city administration, are fully aware of the fact that there are many infrastructural and town planning problems that cannot be solved without the engagement of foreign investors. That is where we see the benefit of having Colliers here. They know how to attract the foreign investors and present them with a wide range of real estate opportunities in our city."

Colliers Serbia also used this media conference to present its latest research studies of the Serbia and Vojvodina real estate market, establishing Colliers Serbia as a key authority for local real estate facts and figures. This information was also of use to the provincial administration, as Branislav Bugarski, Director of Vojvodina Investment Promotion (VIP) fund, confirmed. With five years experience of leading an organization responsible for attracting €3.5 billion of Foreign Direct Investments to Vojvodina in the last decade, he said: "We see Colliers as a partner to the provincial administration. Their market research studies

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