Colliers International launches the prototype of the Gen Y office (RO)

Real Estate consultant Colliers International partnered with ASUS, Techo, Bene, Bittnet Systems, Saint-Gobain RIGIPS and architecture studio Prographic to compile a prototype for the office of the future. This is the first headquarter of a Romanian company, and one among few existing today in Europe, conceived to address the work needs of the next generation of employees.

After four years of comprehensive studies on Generation Y phenomenon, Colliers International made the decision to transform their own headquarter in Bucharest in a prototype-office meant to reunite the newest technology, design and space planning, HR standards and sustainability.

“With the help of our partners, we managed to transition from our traditional office space to a creative, flexible office, yet aligned with our business strategy and Real Estate needs. Our studies show that more than 90% of today’s employees request mobility and care for flex time as well as remote work. Thus, through The Y Office, we tried to create a sample office designed to fit the needs of the new generation, as they will soon become the main decision makers across the globe”, stated Ilinca Pãun, Managing Director Colliers International Romania.

The concept was created by Prographic Architecture Studio, while the fit-out and furniture improvements were realized together with TECHO. The integrated solution implemented in Colliers’ headquarter in Bucharest represents a valid method of space optimization of any existing work space, of any size or location.

The main functional and design elements include:

- Hot desking: BENE shared-work benches

- Collaborative spaces for sales forces

- Acoustic proof dock lands for individual work

- Collaborative working areas for team discussions and relaxation–cafe, lounge, sofas

- Closed rooms for confidential matters or work that requires maximum

- Knowledge center with a Plug-In library

- Formal client meeting areas

- Break out area, for a chat or a different perspective on things – ping-pong table, darts, board games, boxing area

- Informal lounge for relaxed discussions, weather with clients or colleague

- The Express Yourself stage – for staff presentations, guest speakers, entertainment

- Mobile panels for internal communication and branding

- Entertainment areas – darts, games, ping-pong table

- Laptops, tablets, all-in-one systems

- IT wireless infrastructure, VoIP telephony and teleconference systems from CISCO

- New generation technology for mobility and on-going connectivity: ASUS ZENBOOK ultrabooks, ASUS VivoTab Smart tablets, ASUS U40SD laptops and ASUS ET2700 All- In-One systems

- RIGIPS acoustic ceilings and panels

Space per employee ratio will get in the next five years to 12-15 m²/employee, from 8-10 m²/employee, the current ratio. The office of the future will provide less individual work stations, a variety of collaborative spaces, less formal meetings.

Inside The Y Office, the redesigned Colliers office, over 50% are placed in the hot-desking area, dedicated to the sales forces. Apart from fixed stations, the Colliers office comprises many unconventional spaces, designed to encourage interaction, brainstorming and spontaneous meetings and even a stage to replace the old flip-chart and boost freedom of speech.

The Y Office concept emphasizes a lot on the green aspects of the work space: the new space planning ensures better natural lighting, the mobile technology (laptops, ultrabooks and tablet PCs) lead to a decrease in paper consumption, the ”Green Button” general switch helps reduce the electricity consumption. All these green features will generate a 20% decrease in operating costs.

Source: Colliers International

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