Colliers International Hellas the consultant for BVICs new Votanikos mall (GR)

Babis Vovos International Construction (BVIC) and Colliers International Hellas have announced that Colliers will undertake the role of Consultant for BVIC's new shopping center in the Votanikos area of Athens.

The announcement represents the continuation and further development of the collaboration between the two companies. The relations of the two companies were placed on a new basis after the agreement of their latest contract last week, regarding Colliers undertaking the role of the Consultant for BVIC for the under construction mall in Votanikos.

Colliers International Hellas, as a result of its long-lasting experience in the Balkans and the international market, will continue to offer its services, such as proposals for the final planning of the shopping centre, the tenant mix and the lease agreements that will take place.

The two companies are particularly satisfied with the result of the Votanikos Mall situation. Babis Vovos International Company is now in a position to sign lease agreements, always with the support of Colliers International Hellas.

The Managing Director of Colliers International Hellas, Andreas Marambos, said that after the continuation of Colliers collaboration with BVIC, the company aims to expand its activities and consolidation within the Greek market, which is a goal that is supported by Colliers regionally and internationally.

Source: Colliers

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