Cofinimmo elected Employer of the year 2006 (BE)

Cofinimmo, the foremost investor in rental properties, has announced that the company was named yesterday, 15.03.2006, Employer of the Year 2006 for Belgium by the Great Place to Work Institute.

The Great Place to Work Institute is a research and management consultancy based in the US with international affiliates in more than 30 countries throughout the world, of which 15 in Europe. In 2002, the European division, the Great Place to Work Europe Consortium, was invited by the European Commission to introduce this initiative in Europe, in collaboration with the HRM Centre of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

Every year, the Great Place to Work Institute publishes a list of best employers in the different countries of its affiliates. Each company is evaluated according to various criteria: the credibility and integrity of its management, the professional development and respect of the staff, fairness and impartiality, pride in belonging to the company and, finally, the work atmosphere and team spirit. In Belgium, Cofinimmo has been selected amongst 100 candidates after an internal survey organised in total independence by the institute.

Besides this honour, Cofinimmo has been awarded on 02.03.2006 the prestigious Investor in People quality standard. In Belgium, the standard has been launched by the Flemish Government in partnership with Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School with the objective of emphasizing the importance of personnel management within the strategy of a company.

Cofinimmos management pays attention to the growing importance of the social responsibility of companies and sees that this dimension is integrated into its human capital management. It endeavours to promote a corporate culture characterised by loyalty, devotion and motivation and to encourage the development of its entire staff, thereby enhancing its competitiveness. The Human Resources department is managed by Chantal Cabuy, who takes this mission greatly at heart.

Cofinimmo is moreover one of the first 50 Brussels companies to have signed the Charter of Diversity inaugurated by the Brussels Ministry for the Economy and Employment. It seeks to incorporate a diversity management policy and displays a desire to reflect society in its ethnic and cultural diversity (ethnic origin, sex, age, ).

Cofinimmos personnel tripled over the last 6 years and stands at 81 employees as at 31.12.2005 (average age 38 years). Around 70% are university graduates and 12% additionally have a postgraduate qualification. Two third of the employees work directly on customer service matters and management of the portfolio, while the remaining staff provide support services.

Source: Cofinimmo

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