CMC announces that works for the Taormina Fashion Garden have begun (IT)

The Conference of Services, composed of Regione Sicilia, Province of Catania, Municipality of Calatabiano and Chamber of Commerce of Catania, has issued the commercial licenses for the carrying out and the development of this important project; a cutting edge plan which will lead to the creation of the first luxury center in Sicily.

The new fashion facility designed and built by CMC Ravenna will be called Naxos – Taormina Fashion Garden. This innovative project blends the concepts of shopping, design and fashion within a cutting-edge commercial architecture in one of the most exclusive locations in Italy - these are the principles followed to design the new Naxos - Taormina Fashion Garden, that aims at positioning itself as the most exclusive showcase for international high fashion brands.

The Project
The new outlet's structure will cover an area of over 200,000 m². Provided with more than 2,000 car spaces in the parking lot, the new building will hold about 150 stores, with a GLA of 28,000 m² and the possibility of a later expansion of 20,000 m². Moreover, it will feature a modern architecture that will blend in with the natural surroundings. The new Naxos – Taormina Fashion Garden is located in the heart of the most exclusive tourist area of Sicily, also with the best accommodation capacity. The catchment area is calculated in over two million inhabitants living within a 90-minute travelling time, besides its tourism flow (estimated for the Taormina area only) of over three million overnight stays per year.

A new outlet concept
The first of a new generation of outlets, the Naxos – Taormina Fashion Garden introduces a new concept that will be a landmark in the inevitable evolution in the segment: a true backstage for important brands, within a prestigious environment and with logistics potentials. The name itself, Fashion Garden, brings to mind a place where beauty is exalted, chosen to indicate this will be the 'land where to cultivate' new trends. A permanent 'laboratory' of fashion and design within an environment so fertile from the point of view of creativity and emotions, as only the breathtaking scenery of the bay of Taormina can be. The objective is to reposition and define again the concept of outlet: a platform to bring back to the limelight the most important brands that will be able to enjoy total prestige, modernity and functionality right at the location. Luxury, hence, innovation and visibility. The Naxos - Taormina Fashion Garden becomes a hub for important labels in Sicily, meant to be easily accessible by the most important tourism flows of the world.

In the last years the huge market potentials of Sicily have attracted many real estate operators and traders. In the big picture, the Taormina area is characterized as the most famous tourist district of Sicily and concentrates the most luxurious accommodating facilities.

The Naxos – Taormina Fashion Garden will be the first outlet in Italy reachable by foot from the adjacent railway station.

Source: Meridian Communications

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