Citycon strengthens its position on the Tallinn shopping center market (EE)

The shopping center Rocca al Mare, owned and managed by Citycon, opens the first of its new sections today. The development project consists of three phases and is estimated to be completed in December 2009. With this project, Citycon will take over almost a quarter of the Tallinn shopping center market.

The development project will extend the life cycle of Rocca al Mare. Upon its completion ten years ago, Rocca al Mare was one of the first modern shopping centers in Estonia.

"Nowadays customers' needs are different, the surrounding area has changed and the clientele has increased. Furthermore, the superb location and well-functioning connections form an excellent basis for development. We will create an entity that truly serves our clientele and supports the development of the entire neighborhood. All the premises in the new section have been rented and the demand has remained good," says Harri Holmstr

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