City of Tilburg, Heijmans and Proper Stok sign agreement on new Berkel-Enschot town center (NL)

The City of Tilburg, Heijmans and the Proper Stok Group (a Heijmans subsidiary) signed a partnership agreement concerning the redevelopment of Berkel-Enschot's town center. A key component of the project is the Koningsoord Abbey.

A new town center will be created with the Abbey as its main focus. There is space for approximately 700 new homes and about 40,000 m² for facilities, including a new shopping center with a car park with 400 parking spaces, a new building for the Torentjeshoef Healthcare Centre and the renovation of the heritage Abbey with apartments for seniors, a library and a district center. Close collaboration has been established with three housing corporations to effect this transformation: WSG (Geertruidenberg) and Tiwos (Tilburg), 't Heem (Udenhout) and the owners of the existing Eikenbosch shopping center.

Construction is planned for 2010. The project is expected to be delivered in 2016. The new housing development for the most part consists of land-based homes and a significant number of apartments. A portion will consist of subsidized owner-occupied homes and subsidized rental homes. The district must be consistent with existing Berkel-Enschot development and will have a rural character.

Source: Heijmans

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