City of Brussels and Region of Brussels Capital launch second phase of NEO project (BE)

The NEO project is going ahead at the initiative of the Region and the City of Brussels. A decisive step had already been taken thanks to the modification of the PRAS procedure launched by the Government of the Region of Brussels Capital.

The project includes plans for a convention center, hotel complex, shopping center, leisure hub, housing complex and offices.

Taking up the objectives pursued by NEO within the context of the Brussels town planning regulations means it is possible to offer partners and investors a clear sign of the common desire to succeed.

On May 7, 2012 the local council of the City of Brussels launched the two procurement contracts which constitute the second phase of the NEO project (redevelopment of the Heyzel Plateau as a strategic center for international development in Brussels).

The first phase consisted of the designation of the chief town planner (KCAP) and the completion of the overall planning model (Master Plan). The second phase consists of the launch of the two main NEO project procurement contracts, which will enable the main goals of the program included in the Master Plan to be achieved.

NEO represents a new redevelopment and architectural ambition which will turn the Heyzel plateau into an urban hub of international visibility, a real showcase for the Capital of Europe, an economic center and a major tourist attraction.

As the project gets underway no less than 3,000 jobs will be created.

This final phase of the project demonstrates the Region and City of Brussels' desire to transform the disparate site of the Heyzel plateau into something really special.

Source: Pink Line Communication

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