Circa €75 billion generated by EUROPACE since its launch (DE)

The volume of transactions generated by the EUROPACE platform reached a new all-time high in 2010. Benign market conditions, carefully targeted capital expenditure and the growing marketplace effect enabled the company to continue on its growth trajectory.

The volume of transactions executed via the EUROPACE financial marketplace hit a new record of €15.107 billion for 2010 as a whole, which was a year-on-year increase of 17.1%.

"After the crisis-ridden year of 2009, this outstanding result puts us firmly back on our growth trajectory," stressed Ronald Slabke, Chief Executive Officer of Hypoport AG, looking back over the past nine years.

With the exception of 2009, the volume of transactions generated by EUROPACE has grown by a double- or even triple-digit percentage every year since the platform was launched in the market. Slabke added that the resultant cumulative transaction value of over €75 billion bore impressive testimony to the platform's growing appeal and marketplace effect.

Mortgage finance continued to account for the largest proportion of total transaction volume in 2010, increasing by 12.44% year-on-year to €12.853 billion. The contribution made by personal loans to the overall result amounted to €1.23 billion, which was virtually unchanged year on year. Building finance, the latest product to be added to the range, generated a transaction volume of €1.024 billion, almost quadrupling its contribution.

Having got off to a disappointing start to 2010, the company's strong results improved as market conditions gradually normalized over the course of the year and operational measures began to take effect. Historically low interest rates encouraged many to invest in real estate. The first rate hike since the start of the financial crisis (implemented in the third quarter of 2010) boosted short-term demand for real estate and caused transaction volumes to rise further and hit an all-time high.

Product suppliers' ability to raise funding in the capital markets also improved in 2010 despite the euro crisis. This enabled market participants established on the platform for many years to regain market share and competitive advantages. It also strengthened the business conducted by independent intermediaries which, with their extensive product ranges, turned out to be last year's winners. However, increasingly regional providers were also looking to exploit the benefits of the online financial marketplace in 2010 in order to maintain their competitive edge in the long term. The carefully targeted capital expenditure of recent years enabled them to meet their aspirations. The refinement of EUROPACE and the money spent on tapping new market segments formed the basis for the swift action taken here. More than 60 new product partners were connected to EUROPACE or its sister platforms GENOPACE and FINMAS within a year.

Source: Hypoport AG

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